Earnest Hemingway House

Earnest Hemingway House: The Literary Giant of Key West

The house that Ernest Hemingway made his home in Key West is a place of history, creativity and romance. With its deep roots to the past and an eye on the future, this house was both sanctuary for him and inspiration for some of his most famous works.

The Earnest Hemingway House Museum has been preserved as it existed when he lived there with all its original furnishings from the 1920s through 1940s. Visitors can walk through rooms such as “the gentleman’s study,” “the living room,” and “Hemingway’s bedroom.” You’ll also see examples of his typewriter, shotgun shells, personal belongings and other artifacts that show how this creative genius worked hard while enjoying life to the fullest.

Who is Ernest Hemingway?

Ernest Hemingway was a famous American novelist and short story writer whose works are mostly set during the Spanish Civil War. He is known for his heavy use of symbolism, especially in The Sun Also Rises, as well as the development of his own style of writing which he called “the iceberg theory”. His first published novel was The Sun Also Rises which took place following World War 1 and focused on a group of young Americans and British who traveled from Paris to Pamplona to watch the running of the bulls. Although Hemingway’s novels were generally successful among critics upon their release, it wasn’t until after his death that they gained widespread acclaim.

Hemingway’s life experiences greatly influenced his writing. His fiction often focused on themes of love, war, nature, politics or history. Although he wrote in different genres including short stories and nonfiction pieces; he earned international fame through his novels which are now considered classics of American literature.

Reasons To Visit The Famous Earnest Hemingway House

It’s important to note that this house can only be visited with a tour guide from outside sources because it is privately owned by Cuban citizens who do not allow tourists inside without permission. With that being said, there are still many things worth exploring outside the house.

1) It Is A Writer’s Haven

The Earnest Hemingway House is a writer’s haven. This is the location where Ernest Hemingway created some of his most famous works, including A Farewell to Arms. The house stands as a testament to the power of words and language in shaping our world for better or worse. It also serves as an inspiration for writers today, who are still drawn to this inspirational space that helped create some of the most powerful novels ever written. If you’re passionate about writing, I encourage you to visit this special place.

2) This home has been designated a National Historic Landmark by the United States Department of Interior

Founded in 1891, the home of Earnest Hemingway is a National Historic Landmark. The house was built by father and son team Ernest Hall and Charles Hall Jr., both builders from Oak Park. The house was designed with a Queen Anne style influence that features vertically positioned bay windows on the front facade.

3) The house was built in 1854, the same year as the American Civil War

The Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum was built in 1851, the same year as the Civil War started. It became evident that it would be used for more than just living quarters when Ernest Hemingway’s father Clarence took over the property and turned it into a hotel during Prohibition. This historic site offers tours of what life was like at this time period while also providing insight on how he lived after his father died in 1928 until he committed suicide in 1961. Visitors are able to see where Ernest wrote some of his most famous works such as For Whom The Bell Tolls, A Farewell To Arms, and Islands In The Stream among others.

4) The house is one of only six remaining homes from that time period still standing in Oak Park

The house now serves as a museum and visitors center where you can see the different rooms of the house including “Papa” Hemingway’s writing studio. It will be great for those who are interested in history or literature as it is one of only six homes still standing from this time period. Visitors can also enjoy a tour with one of our knowledgeable staff members to see what life may have been like back then.

5) It’s a great place for cat lovers

The Ernest Hemingway House is a great place to visit for cat lovers. Everyone knows of the famous author’s love for cats, so it is no surprise that this house has many feline friends throughout the property.

The first thing that will catch your eye as you walk up to the house is the first-floor exterior wall covered with dozens upon dozens of stuffed cats in various poses. There are even several kitty statues on top of book cases inside the home. The real stars, however, are upstairs in Hemingway’s bedroom where there are two live feline inhabitants who have free reign over any part of the room they wish except for Hemingway’s desk which still has some papers left by him sitting on it. There are also many other cats that can be found throughout the property enjoying all of the outdoor scenery and inside to play with as well.

If you’re looking for a literary experience that will leave you feeling both enlightened and awe-struck, the Earnest Hemingway House is your destination. Whether it’s your first time visiting Key West or not, this house has something to offer everyone in its walls. As one of America’s most famous writers, Ernest Hemingway was able to capture the essence of life through his writing. And while he may be gone now, his spirit lives on at The Earnest Hemingway House where visitors can see how literature came alive before their very eyes.

If you are looking for a way to indulge your love of literature, visit the Earnest Hemingway House. This literary giant is waiting to be discovered.